Community Cat Program

Allows you to offer FREE spay and neuter services for free roaming cats!


The Veterinary Foundation partnership with MDAS now allows participating veterinarians to offer FREE, no co-payment, no income qualification, spay and neuter services for any presented community cat. Participating veterinarians will be re-imbursed for surgical services and rabies vaccines. All cats MUST receive a left ear clip as part of the program.

Participating in the Community Cat Program is available now to any veterinarian already participating in the Spay Neuter partnership the Foundation currently has with Miami Dade Animal Services. Any veterinarian not currently enrolled in the partnership may enroll at any time. Please go to our website www.sfvet.org  for additional information.

Rules under the Community Cat program are slightly different than the rules that apply to the low income animals or rescue animals:

There is no-copay and no co-pay can be asked for.

Anyone presenting a cat must provide ID and complete the paperwork as "the presenter". This will not obligate them as an "owner" in any way. Rabies vaccines must be provided (unless of course there is proof of a current vaccine), and rabies forms must be provided to both the Foundation and submitted to the county with the balance of the clinics rabies registrations. On the rabies vaccination certificate you must check under species, "Other" then specify "Community Cat".

A left ear clip is mandatory!

There are no limits to the number of cats, no limit per person, per veterinary doctor or practice, that are eligible under this program.

The Veterinary community looks forward to supporting the effort to reduce euthanasia of cats and kittens. The Foundation partnership with MDAS continues to grow, both in participating veterinarians and in numbers of surgeries provided. The Foundation is working on the second $100,000.00 of funding allotted to the partnership under the first contract.

Please note that we will now have three sets of forms for clinic reimbursement. We have the A15, B15 for for low income owners, we have RA15, RB15, for approved rescue animals, and now we have CCA15 and CCB15 for the community cats. Please  use paperclips NOT staples when submitting your paperwork via snail mail. This small thing will help processing greatly! You are always welcome to email a PDF as well!

We are always updating the MDAS Approved Rescue list. This list was recently updated so be sure to check on potential new rescue groups! Please keep in mind the limits that have been placed on surgeries available to approved rescues. These are noted on the website as well.

Getting low income owners to take advantage of this program continues to be a challenge. Individual participating veterinarians are allowed to advertise their participation in the program provided the Foundation and MDAS are noted in a conspicuous manner as providing the program.

On behalf of the veterinary profession and the community the Foundation thanks all participating veterinarians for supporting the effort to reduce over population.

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